Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So Bryce is officially graduating from BCT (BOOTCAMP) on Friday!!!! And on Wed. at 6:00am I have to get on the first plane ride of my life!!!! Its going to be well worth it cause I could never say "Babe not coming cause I'm too afraid of getting on the plane, Sorry" I could never hear the sadness in his voice if I told him that.... But besides that I'm so so so EXCITED to see my husband... It is going to be like we just got married for the first time again. You have no idea how much I miss him and I just cant wait to be in his presence again!!! He makes me a better person and I never thought that I would find someone like him....( I'm just so glad he chased me for 10 months ;)) Well enough of the mushy gushy stuff... I will post pics of his graduation on here for all to see.....Pray for the plane to not be held my duct tape!!!LOL


TheNobles said...

Tell my cousin great job! We are very proud of him and glad he has such a supportive wife. If you ever get lonely or bored come on over.

Be safe have fun. Aunt Kathy is really glad you are going with her. you are so good for Bryce. Can't wait to see the pictures.