Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bryce is the BIG 25!!!!!

So for those who didn't know it was Bryce's Birthday this past Saturday.... We went to Hooters so he could watch his boy TITO fight...It was a good figth but he did loose, Bryce was Sad!!!!And also while he was in the bathroom I told our girl that it was his birthday....They pulled him into the middle of the restaurant stuck balloons in his shirt (he said that he felt violated with 4 girls unbuttoning his shirt haha) and then put a cup in his mouth to look like a beek and gave him menus for his wings. It was so funny!!! I laughed for a while... And the even funnier part Bryce went by a table and he hears "River?!!! Its your birthday?" It was someone in his company and no one knew it was his birthday cause he didnt want to have to do push ups.... But over all it was a great birthday Im so glad he had it off...

I got him a Digital camo computer bag for the lab top that we are going to get him on black friday...oh what fun we are going to have with fighting the crowds and waking up at 12:00 am so you are able to get it....I truely do love doing black friday cause of the amazing sales....YAY