Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh No!!!!!

Thanks Zonnie not again...
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So im a pretty open person but here are some things...

1. I HATE Bryce being on the road!!! It kills me for him not to sleep in the same bed as me!!! Sacrafices I guess!!!

2. I love to scrap book!!! Ive only done it a few times but i love it and wish i had more time to do it!!!

3. My dream is to live on a big ranch and just have my husband, me and our kids run it and just live happy and by ourselfs. Of course we would do church stuff and our kids would have fun but just for our kids to learn hard work and not be wennies!!!haha

4. Im going to miss everyone so much when we leave to move to Idaho!!! I think everyone knows this but I just want to tell you guys that you are great family and wonderful friends that i can trust!!!

5. I want kids....Like yesterday... Just waiting for a good time but i guess there is no good time just do it!!!

6. The reason why I fell in love with horses cause i wanted to be just like my dad!!! Since my dad ropes i want to rope since my dad loves horses i love horses i guess im his little boy!!!! Love you dad

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Concert Time

So to mine and Bryces surprise, Bryces older brother Blair and his wife Zonnie bought us Kenny Chesney tickets for letting Blair bunk at our house for about a month. The concert was amazing and we had so much fun!!!! Thanks guys....

Keith was a AMAZING performer....and Kenny was good but we saw him last year and it was the same concert pretty much....

Also to our surprise we saw Tim and Willy at one of the restraunts just sitting and chilling doing a show....And those are some down to earth guys and they are amazing...If you have no idea who Tim and Willy is they use to be the best radio personalities her in Phoenix for a country station....

After they where done with the show they came over and just talked and hung out with us for 10 minutes or so....