Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its cold when.....

You throw boiling water in the air and it instantly turns to ice crystal and powder!

Thats when you know its cold!

Friday, March 9, 2012


So if you look really hard you can see 2 Moose, one by the trash can and the other farther ahead. Bryce went outside to get his phone from the truck and came running in saying get shoes on there is a moose right in our yard! By the time I got out there with my camara they were down the street a little ways. So we jumped in the truck and just drove one street over.

If you look you can see a rope around the momma moose. A guy that snow plows the Post drove up next to us and said that last year him and a couple of other guys pulled her out of the river cause she fell threw the ice. He was so surprised that she still had the rope around her neck. The wildlife troopers tried to get the rope off but she wont let anyone near her so the just monitor her and make sure she is ok.

What a great way to wake up in the morning!

Swimming lessons!

So Sterling started swimming lessons and he loved it! Its more like bath time just in a huge bath thats not as warm! We are learning little tips to help us teach him how to swim at a younger age. Im so glad that he enjoyed it...

Towards the end of the class all he wanted to do was cuddle up to me. He is such a sweet little boy!

Friday, February 24, 2012


So I cant believe that Sterling is almost 10 months old and is such a great little boy (when hes not teething). He has 3 teeth working on a 4th as we speak. He is a crawling monster that pulls himself up and walks around anything and everything. He loves to play fetch....with himself! It is so cute! He loves to play chase! Bryce and I will crawl and chase him. He just laughs and laughs and laughs! He climbs the stairs every night for bath time! He grins from ear to ear! Loves his naked time before bath and Im a little worried that we are going to have a nudist running around the house whenever he learns to take his cloths off himself! He is one happy boy and I dont know what I would do without him. He makes us feel complete.

This is right before his 1st haircut! He wasnt sure what was going on and I was worried that I would have a bawling baby the whole time but he did great! Was curious but did wonderful!

This picture is so funny but needs a back ground story....Well here we go...Sterling pooped on the floor and Bryce grabs him throws him in the sink cause it was everywhere (he decided to crawl threw it yuck) and I grabbed the camera like any good mom and this is the shot I got of him...Like why am I getting punished!
This is his Valentine from his Grandma Debbie and Papa... Awe his first Valentine taste good...Oh wait thats just paper!

Sorry for the flash pic but look at his expression so priceless!

Time sure flies when you love your life... Im so happy to be a mom to this wonderful little boy! He can make a bad day great with his little smile!

The most beautiful thing to see in real life.........NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!

On Febuary 18th 2012 we were given the best Northern Light show ever! They were so green and dancing across the sky. You hear so much about them and you never think you will get to see them in real life but if you do you know you are watching one of the most amazing shows ever! Eat your hearts out!

( Please ignore the blurriness in the pics. Just got a new camara and was figuring it out... I know not a good time to figure it out while taking pics of the Northern lights! LOL)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So while we have been here in Alaska Bryce has refound his love to snowboard! While he was snowboarding this past weekend Sterling and I went up there to take some pictures of him...

Sterling was waiting for Bryce to go up the ski lift in front of the warm fire... He has such a sweet face!