Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bryce is the BIG 25!!!!!

So for those who didn't know it was Bryce's Birthday this past Saturday.... We went to Hooters so he could watch his boy TITO fight...It was a good figth but he did loose, Bryce was Sad!!!!And also while he was in the bathroom I told our girl that it was his birthday....They pulled him into the middle of the restaurant stuck balloons in his shirt (he said that he felt violated with 4 girls unbuttoning his shirt haha) and then put a cup in his mouth to look like a beek and gave him menus for his wings. It was so funny!!! I laughed for a while... And the even funnier part Bryce went by a table and he hears "River?!!! Its your birthday?" It was someone in his company and no one knew it was his birthday cause he didnt want to have to do push ups.... But over all it was a great birthday Im so glad he had it off...

I got him a Digital camo computer bag for the lab top that we are going to get him on black friday...oh what fun we are going to have with fighting the crowds and waking up at 12:00 am so you are able to get it....I truely do love doing black friday cause of the amazing sales....YAY

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bryce getting promoted

So yesterday Bryce got promoted out of no where!!! He was getting ready for formation and Sgt. Martinez walked up to bryce and said "you got your rank?" Bryce said "what do you mean?" "Dude your getting promoted today!" So Bryce jumped in the car and we had to run to the shoppette and get him a Private First Class rank and drive back as fast as we could without getting caught by some MP's and not miss his fromation that he is suppose to get his rank. Well we made it with no tickets and also just in the nick of time!!!! So now he is getting slowly but surely up the rank:) Im so proud of him.... He would come home and say "babe i was the only one working my tail off and no one notices!!!" Well now we know they do notice. Im so happy that the hard work is paying off and that Bryce fells accomplished.... Well thats the great news for ya....

There is some pics of the beautiful leaves changing also:) Oh and the pics are turned again.... Sorry:( my bad

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Us Camping!!! (Also move that bus)

Oh and by the way didn't have time to turn the pics so sorry... You will just have to turn your computer screen...LOL

So here in the great area of Ft. Campbell we were fortunate to have the show Extreme Home Makeover come and help out a Widow with 3 girls. Her husband was a Clarksville Police officer that died in a high speed chase. Its a beautiful home for them. So here is the house that they built for the family in 7days!!!!

And also that night we went camping on base at Kyle lake!!! Its was so beautiful. It wasn't to cold. Our mattress went low cause Bryce didn't screw the cap on tight enough, so the hours that we were sleeping on a air mattress I slept like a baby;)But he woke up about 4 and made me get off so he could re air it up....We sure love to camp and we knew it was getting pretty chili so if we wanted to go here was our chance...our and there is a pic of my homemade gravy and biscuits....Aren't you proud of me mom:)Well i hope Ya'll have a great day....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pics

So Stacey Requested some more pics so here you go SIS!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some of our new pictures!!!!

So for those who didn't know it was mine and Bryce's 2 year anniversary on Oct.
13th. YAY 2 years!!! And one of our great friends Victoria took these wonderful pictures of us... These are the most beautiful pics (and I have to say the background is what makes the pics) But she did a awesome job and I love them so much. Oh and we have about 30 more great ones I just didn't want to seem to conceded...LOL But here they are... You can really see what Tennessee is all about, COUNTRY!!!!!

Oh BTW the railroad pics are my fav but we could have gotten in so much trouble cause it was a NO TRESPASSING ZONE (which we didn't know til we were walking back to the car) and we got off the railroad walking back to the car, Bryce had to go pee so you know him he did his business and as soon as he walked over the road a cop pulled out from behind the building!!! We were so lucky cause I guess its a good hefty ticket if your on a no trespassing government property. oh well the pics where so worth it:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bryce gets to play G.I. Joe

So Bryce has been at Ft. Polk Louisiana for 2 weeks and 1 day and they are getting into the very intense training. They are fufilling there dreams as little boys to be able to be G.I. Joe and not get hurt!!! They make the training as real as it can be without literally shooting real bullets at people and them shooting at you!!! But here are some pics that he was able to take of some medevac birds (black hawk's) picking up hurt soldiers (now remember its all pretend hurt)and there was some pics of apaches from far away shooting at the enemy... It sounds like so much fun... Now im not going to join just because of the cool training ever once in awhile but I can live threw him and how much fun he has on some of the convoys. Just wanted to share some of Bryces adventures with you so here you go!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Its amazing that everyone has forgotten about 9/11 but the war on terrorist is still going!!! Like many families that have fathers/mothers, sons/daughters, husbands/wives, Bryce will be going over to Afanistan to protect us! PLEASE dont forget and pray for all those that have died, served, and is still serving!!! For us as Americans that havent served we can get on our knees and pray for them to be safe, I think that is our obligation since we are not throwing our selves into harms way. Thank goodness for our freedom!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So Brett was so nice come and bring us my car. And while he was here we of coarse had to have some fun!!!! So what better place to go then the GRAND OL' OPRY!!!!
We did the the back stage pass and it was wonderful. I love learning about the history and just being on the same stage as Hank William SR.

Brett and Bryce on the Famous Stage.

Bryce and I on the big stage!!!!

And on this last pic if they are big enough try to see how many famous people you recognize!!! Ill give you one. On the pic look all the way to your right and the second person to the last on the third row is........ Dolly Parton!!!! Look for the BIG blond hair!!! haha what fun.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bryces days.....

So we are here and have been here for about 3 weeks..... I love it here.... Its so beautiful BUT the humidity SUCKS.... but oh well just will have to get use to that....

Here is a pic of Bryce and his buddies at the car pool. ( which is where all the vehicles are that they drive) Bryce is under the second truck behind the guy whos head is poking out haha And let me tell you, your tax dollars are going to a good place. NOT!!!! This is what bryce has done for the past 5 days.... I guess they just want them to get use to being in the hot hot weather!!! There is nothing we can do about that tho!!!