Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Us Camping!!! (Also move that bus)

Oh and by the way didn't have time to turn the pics so sorry... You will just have to turn your computer screen...LOL

So here in the great area of Ft. Campbell we were fortunate to have the show Extreme Home Makeover come and help out a Widow with 3 girls. Her husband was a Clarksville Police officer that died in a high speed chase. Its a beautiful home for them. So here is the house that they built for the family in 7days!!!!

And also that night we went camping on base at Kyle lake!!! Its was so beautiful. It wasn't to cold. Our mattress went low cause Bryce didn't screw the cap on tight enough, so the hours that we were sleeping on a air mattress I slept like a baby;)But he woke up about 4 and made me get off so he could re air it up....We sure love to camp and we knew it was getting pretty chili so if we wanted to go here was our chance...our and there is a pic of my homemade gravy and biscuits....Aren't you proud of me mom:)Well i hope Ya'll have a great day....