Friday, December 3, 2010

Alaska here we come!!!!

So these past couple of days have been so crazy! Bryce calls me and tells me you want to go to Alaska? And I was like HECK YES ( Ive been watching the Sarah Palin show) Then he said ok let me tell you why. Someone in his company had orders to Alaska he couldnt take so they told him find another soldier with the same rank and marital status. He came to Bryce and asked him. He said he would love to but he had to ask me. Well you saw my answer. Then we got our hopes up and they told us well its not going to was less then a 5 percent chance.

Fast forward to last night at 10 pm. He calls and says last chance of backing out! and I was like what? He said the commander came up to him and said you moving to Alaska? Bryce came back with I sure would love too. But thats out and he had a confused look on his face and told him no I just got your orders faxed to me! So he asked again last chance to back out! Holy crap... Never thought this would happen but it sure is. With me or without me and im so ready for a new adventure with my hubby!

2011 will be a exciting year! New baby, new state!

Please Please give me some advice for a move that long. We will be doing it ourself. Also if you have any friends in Alaska and you know any advice please pass it along it would be so great!