Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair peice

First thanks to all of you that voted.... I love both dresses that is why I needed your input... Im not going to tell you which one I have choosen you will just have to wait to see the pics! (I know I know thats mean of me!)
Here is the fabric I will be using for the dress and of coarse buttons you have to have buttons on a cute 50's dress!

And here are some ribbon flowers that I made... Im going to be making a hair piece very vintage... Its called a bird cage veil...


I need your input again... Do you like the satin cream flower or the lace cream flower?

And this is the kind of look I'm going for... but I will have the three flowers and no feathers... (not into the feather thing)

I hope it turns out as good as I hope for:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I need your intake....

Ok so you know how I told you that me and hubby will be getting sealed for time and eternity in August? Well I have this wonderful friend that sews like a mad woman and she is going to make me a dress. I wanted to go with a vintage theme cause Bryce will be wearing his class A's (and lets be serious those have not changed since WWII) So I have been all over the internet looking for ideas. I like the cocktail dress look with the bottom flowing out. So now I have to decide what kind of top I would like... My fabric is cotton cause I didnt want to be to to dressy...And thats what alot of dresses where made of back then... Its a cream color with mint green polka dots on it. Very cute but very sophisticated... So now I have 2 types of dresses that I would love for you guys to vote on and let me know... Im torn between the two of them cause well lets be honest they both are adorable... (and please ignore the horrible pics had to take it with camara and lets just say HORRIBLE) Could'nt copy and paste

Dress 1

Dress 2

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Pearl!

So about a month ago I posted about buying something from Vintage pearl. Well it made it here today and all I can say is that I love it! Everything I wanted. I would highly suggest if you want to spoil your self get it! Go to or They have so many things to pick from and its made when you order it. Don't walk run to their website! Hope ya'll have a great Wednesday:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I just got a amazing phone call from the hubby this morning. First thing that came out of his mouth was "I have great news for you and bad news for me". And I was like crap I rather have the bad for me and good for you. Then he proceeds to tell me that his waiver went threw and he is getting promoted 6 months to the date exactly before he ever suppose to get it. The bad news for him is that he has to go to a mock board the end of July. Sucks for him. He so does not want to do a damn board cause that thing is so stressful. But YAH on the $250 pay raise a month! Its a win, lose situation. More responsibility but I know my baby will do great! Love you sugar and I'm so proud of everything you do and the hard work you put into everything. These are one of those days that you say "I'm so so so PROUD of my soldier"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Picture Post of Bryce

Here are some pictures that Bryce has just recently sent me... He looks so skinny wow my baby has really lost alot of weight! Hes doing such a great job...

In this pic is some of Bryce's buddies getting "smoked". I just thought it was funny cause abvously Bryce wasnt the only one taking pics! (Look in the back ground. LOL)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just because

So got a new phone... So as I was going threw my old pics on it this is what I found... Oh it makes me miss him even more... He always had something funny to do....

This is him cooking Jalapenos and he was coughing like crazy and his eyes where watering so he got this bandanna and my sunglasses :)

He likes my snuggie just as much as I do!

Us after church and he was pissed at me... Look at that sour face!

The day after I broke his hand (ON ACCIDENT! I promise)

This is what I did... I backed into a goose neck trailer and I wasn't paying attention... I know I know STUPID!

Our ride to TN for the first time... I took the pic and he woke up when he heard it go off... He was so confused... OH I miss him so much

Him being bored and showed some major talent!

The way my eyes looked after saying good bye to him for deployment...I think that was the hardest I have ever cried in my whole life... I don't cry that much usually but this deployment is showing me that I do! (look at all those freckles for some reason Bryce loves them...I don't!)
Just a little bit of our silly crazy life...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sorry about being MIA for a while... I didn't have such a great weekend... I was so sad and just was being a total bum...

About memorial tho... Driving around this one horse town and seeing all the pride this town has just makes my heart swell with happiness... These people have to be shown the proudness of Americans or they fell like they made the ultimate sacrifice for nothing... I love living in a country that lets me have a opinion and those men and woman made that sacrifice for US... I fell indebted to these men and woman... I heart AMERICA!

Here are some pics that I took of all of the flags....