Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just because

So got a new phone... So as I was going threw my old pics on it this is what I found... Oh it makes me miss him even more... He always had something funny to do....

This is him cooking Jalapenos and he was coughing like crazy and his eyes where watering so he got this bandanna and my sunglasses :)

He likes my snuggie just as much as I do!

Us after church and he was pissed at me... Look at that sour face!

The day after I broke his hand (ON ACCIDENT! I promise)

This is what I did... I backed into a goose neck trailer and I wasn't paying attention... I know I know STUPID!

Our ride to TN for the first time... I took the pic and he woke up when he heard it go off... He was so confused... OH I miss him so much

Him being bored and showed some major talent!

The way my eyes looked after saying good bye to him for deployment...I think that was the hardest I have ever cried in my whole life... I don't cry that much usually but this deployment is showing me that I do! (look at all those freckles for some reason Bryce loves them...I don't!)
Just a little bit of our silly crazy life...


Anonymous said...

I love the tough Army guy in the pink snuggie! =)

Just a Girl said...

My personal favorite is the first picture, hilarious!

Shayla said...

those pictures are too fun!!!

he looks good in those shades of yours haha!!!

how did he get the cans to stick????

Chelle said...

I am so happy to see I'm not the only one who's backed up into a 5th wheeler. LOL But I did it with my FIL's truck.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe girl, you are doing incredible! Loves!

Brigette said...

left you an award on my blog.