Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Major curves in our road!

This has been one crazy year for Bryce and I...

Not only did we get reunited from this Deployement with camaras in our face, expecting our first child and preparing for him, but we lost 2 very amazing and influential people in our lives. (Just a week apart!)

We got a phone call from Bryces older brother Blair early early in the morning telling us that he was in the hospital cause he hasnt been feeling good and when he went to the doctor his heart was going crazy so they wanted to admit him. Then later that day we found out he had double Pnemonia and they were going to get it with antiboitics. Then the next day we hear he is going to ICU cause the Pnemonia is bad. Then the next day we get the phone call that they are putting him on life support cause his body needs to fully just work on getting rid of the Pnemonia. All we were getting was he is going to be fine he just has to fight it off. So we were waiting for the phone call to pack up and leave if we have too. But no one sounded to worried til we got the phone call saying its not good and you have to leave now. So we went and got paper work signed at 10 pm came home and packed and left by 11:30 pm.

That was the worse 24 hour drive. Not only you didnt know if he was going to make it but we were not there to hear it from the doctor themself how bad it was. I was 28 weeks pregnant and man that was so hard. My body hurt like no other. I felt like I went threw a cheese grater.

For those 4 days at the hospital we were on a emoitional rollercoaster. One minute we would hear good news then we would hear that he took 5 steps backwards. Then right after we got there they found out it was Swine Flu that turned into double Pnemonia. He passed away 4 days after we made it.

He was young and loved by anyone he meet. He was a great father to his daughter Sascha. And a great friend and a even better Brother. We were glad we were able to make it and see him in the hospital. We will always treasure the memories with him.

This is the family the day of the funeral.

Then the day before the funeral I got the phone call from my sister asking me if I heard from mom and dad? (While she was crying) And I said no. She then tells me that our Uncle Bill passed away that morning. I just couldnt help it but just start crying. I just couldnt handle any more. When were we going to get a break! We came home for 1 funeral not 2!

Now looking back Im greatful that we were able to be there for family and the funeral. I know that they are way better off then us down here.

I hope they both know how much we love them and miss them each day. That they will never be forgotten.