Friday, October 30, 2009

Bryce getting promoted

So yesterday Bryce got promoted out of no where!!! He was getting ready for formation and Sgt. Martinez walked up to bryce and said "you got your rank?" Bryce said "what do you mean?" "Dude your getting promoted today!" So Bryce jumped in the car and we had to run to the shoppette and get him a Private First Class rank and drive back as fast as we could without getting caught by some MP's and not miss his fromation that he is suppose to get his rank. Well we made it with no tickets and also just in the nick of time!!!! So now he is getting slowly but surely up the rank:) Im so proud of him.... He would come home and say "babe i was the only one working my tail off and no one notices!!!" Well now we know they do notice. Im so happy that the hard work is paying off and that Bryce fells accomplished.... Well thats the great news for ya....

There is some pics of the beautiful leaves changing also:) Oh and the pics are turned again.... Sorry:( my bad