Sunday, March 8, 2009

Up Date

So in Bryces letter he said it is getting a little and I mean little easier. The DS (Drill Sgt.) isn't constantly in his face and he is getting along with the 2 men DS but not the woman DS. I just think that he is waiting for the next 3 weeks to go by a little faster don't think that will happen tho. (Sorry Honey) And he just needs family right now cause there is nothing i mean nothing to talk to except 1 LDS guy. Which is better then no one...Also today in my old ward where my records will get transferred I got a calling.... In the PRIMARY!!!! Which is way cool I don't mind teaching kids except if they are naughty ( which I'm cursed so I'm going to get the rowdiest kids :( Oh well it will prepare me for the RIVER genes that our kids will definitely have ;) I'm also going to start subbing to take up time so i don't go bald from pulling my hair out!!!! But yea that is the excitement in the big town of Ramah........KISS KISS


Zonnie said...

Glad to hear he is surviving!! Hey-what e-mail address are you using these days?? I have a couple questions for ya. E-mail me if you have a chance
Thx sis. ttyl