Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best day of my life (besides our wedding day)

So the trip to South Carolina was good (except the plane ride)the only thing that kept me on the plane was knowing that I was going to be with my husband!!! And I might add he looks so good I have a whole new husband...

Let me start with us waiting on the bleachers looking out in the trees trying to see them...Then right on time here comes the soldiers running out of the forest line...I knew what area to look at for ECHO company but might I add they all look the same...Then the Lt. told you to go get your soldier... trying and searching to see Bryce and then I found him!!! He lost so much weight and looks so good...That was at about 9:30 and we got to spend the whole day with him on base... We had lunch at a Lake and then went and ate dinner with his whole company at the Soleman center, went to the Ft. Jackson Museum which had huge tanks and stuff around it, then had to tell him goodnight (which wasn't bad cause I knew I had all Friday with him again)...

Graduation day was good... I have never felt so proud to be AMERICAN in my life... And so PROUD to be married to a soldier in the ARMY... Then the graduation was over and Bryce was so happy to go to civilization...And we just pretty much relaxed that day cause he got so sick from the rain...not so good...but hopefully he will get over it really soon... And then had to say good bye which was hard but at the same time all I tell myself is 7 weeks I can totally do 7 weeks that wont be bad... hopefully I just got threw 10 weeks

All in All it was the best trip ever and I have never ever felt the feelings I have felt this past week!!! I'm PROUD to be AMERICAN..... And here is alot of the pictures taken


Shauna said...

Congratulations to Bryce for graduating BCT!!! ...and to you for surviving the plane trip--both ways! Where is he now for his AIT?

My son Donald made it home from Iraq!!!! I spent almost a month in Hawaii in relation to his return! I knew that I wasn't going to know till about 24-48 hours before he arrived when his flight was coming in, so I just had to plan to be there WAY ahead of him so I wouldn't miss it! Then, I wanted to be there a week or so afterwards, so it ended up being 25 days altogether! It was a lot of fun, and most days I just want to go back!!

I loved your pictures--thanks for sharing them!

~Shauna in CA
PAM of Sgt. DJ
1-27 IN, 2-25 SBCT

whitney said...

Thanks so much. He is in Ft. Bliss Texas. Which is in El Paso Texas which is like 6 Hours from my parents house. Can go see him on weekends which is even better...

That is Great that Donald made it home just fine and i bet that 25 day vacation was so wonderful! and of course just wonderful just to see your son!!! Thanks so much and I would love to be invited to your blog. My email is

Whitney Paw of PVT. River