Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take deep breaths.... R&R Chapter1

Thats what I had to keep telling myself. Just breath... I knew in less then a hour I would be in the arms of my best friend, my hero, my spouse. My stomach hurt so bad from being a nervous reck.

On my drive to the airport the song "Free" by the Zac Brown Band came on and I just started crying. My emotitions were high and that just did not help. I was just so excited cause I knew I would have my hubby by my side for 15 days. I just never thought that day would come and it was here right in front of me.

We arrived at the airport and I looked to see if his flight was on time and it was 10 minutes early! This was my expression when i saw it.

Then about 5 minutes later he texted me and said "we just landed" and the water works got turned on full force.

This was the sign I made for him that morning. I couldnt sleep.

My sister said this pic was the moment I saw him walking and I started walking towards the exit.

Our first hug in 6 months. I just melted right into his arms. It felt like he never left me.

And that is the moment that I felt my world was whole again. Well atleast for 15 days.

These lips were the lips that left me behind in TN exactly the same. Our first kiss was exactly the way I remember them. soft and sweet. Its amazing how you feel when you are kissed by the one you love more then anything. Your whole world just melts. Everything in that moment just stops.

That is MY sexy soldier!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

So sweet! You had me in tears :) I love it.

Anonymous said...

aww these made me cry! but so glad you got your hubby (even if just for a few days).

p.s. <3 your sign you made him!