Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bad ankles!

Growing up being a sporty girl I have always rolled my ankles and have broke the same one twice and pulled ligaments in the other. But I was so happy that I haven't rolled either one in like 5 years! Well that ended this morning.

My Parents have a huge porch and I was on the last step... I stepped down and rolled it bad! Rolled it so bad it threw me to the ground! Layed there for about 5 minutes then told myself that I have to get back in the house so I got up and hobbled in the house... As I lay here with it up and ice on it, I have forgotten how bad it hurts! I just hate it! It should be alot better in the next couple of days but Oh goodness OUCH!


Anonymous said...

Hope your ankle gets better soon!

Just Another MilSpouse said...

geez, I hope it feels better soon. You know, I think injuries like those hurt more as an adult! LOL. Maybe we just remember them more clearly, either way, it sucks that you're injured. Feel better soon.