Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deployment Survivor

Thanks to Amber over at GoodnightMoon for putting this on what a great idea!

Deployment survivor... I'm 7 months in this deployment... I cry over stupid stuff... I fell like a emotional wreck cause I normally never cry... I'm the one that has to hold down the fort... I'm the one that has to keep both families happy... I'm the one that sits here in this small town and looks around and NO one knows what I'm going threw... I try with all my heart to never complain to my husband cause he has it way worse then me... These 7 months have been hard but all worth it in the end... We have come closer as a couple and we love each other more then anything... He tells me that he is proud of me for the way I'm handling the deployment...He is my hero...And i love him for what he does for me and our future kids!