Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventures at the DMV

So today I went to the DMV to get hubbys truck registered here in New Mexico... My name is not on the truck so lets just say I had to walk into the DMV with a filing cabnet! (You guys know how it is) And they were so surprised that I had everything that they needed. I told them that the military gives you all the paper work you need you just got to make sure you dont lose it! They were very nice which was so surprising cause usually at places like that all of them have sticks up their butts. (if I worked at a place like that I think I would be the same way!)

I need to point out to that Arizona so rips off people with registering your vehicles. (that was were I changed our registration from) They wanted us to pay for a 1 year registration $297.00 and today I got a 2 year registration and a 8 year license for only $180.00! (a savings of $117.00) And truefully Arizonas roads are not that much better then New Mexico roads.

Im so happy to be a New Mexico resident again... I grew up here my whole life and I would love to move back here someday. Hubby was born here in NM but moved to AZ when he was six and lived in his home town til he was 22...Then moved back to NM and met me! But he agrees with me that NM is just a better fit for us finacially and over all just the way we want to live...(with land) and AZ butt raps you on land also so probably will never move back there!
Over all did what I need to do and was out of there! Hope you guys have a wonderful night!