Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best kind of Sundays!!!

Sundays are always good but when you get to do the things you love Oh that makes it so much better!!!
So I went through my normal routine on Sundays getting up and going to church... But when I got back from church my wonderful dad said hey you want to go for a ride? And that only means one thing in my family... get your jeans on, pull your boots on and lets get on our horses! So on our ride we saw no wild life (boo hoo) but I got some beautiful pics! We rode about 12 miles and let me say my butt is sure feeling it but that is one of the greatest therapy's...You think of nothing...
Were we rode was on some of my Great Grandmas land and then the National Forest... It takes my breath away every time!

My dad on Keno...A pretty good looking horse I must say

I know, I know I look like a boy here but my horse doesn't care what I look like:)

My dad will be turning 57 this year and still gets on his horse almost everyday and ropes...It keeps him young!

This is us heading back into my home town of 300 people... Its such a beautiful town...It is in northern New Mexico and yes its not desert. LOL
I hope to move back to this town one day with my family...


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh gorgeous! I haven't been on a horse in soooo long.