Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This sucks!!!!

So Bryce is officially gone...... He left on a plane this morning at 7:30 he will be heading to Ft. Jackson, S. Carolina. He will arrive there at 1:30 in the morning......Long day.... Also he is group leader so he has to get 6 guys from Spokane to Ft. Jackson with nothing wrong and let me say they are all young and stupid!!!! Poor Bryce... But that's the least of his worries....DRILL Sergeant must i say.... But i will be moving back to Ramah in 4 weeks and im counting down the days cause I dont want to be up here all alone... But I will be fine for 4 weeks I can handle almost anything....HAHA I wish....


Shauna said...

Hi there! My name is Shauna and your blog showed up on my "Army" Google Alerts this morning. I'm not an Army wife, but an Army mom instead, and my son is currently deployed to Iraq. My son has been in the Army since Fall of 2004, and serves as an Infantry soldier with the Stryker Brigade out of Hawaii. I would like to share a website with you that might be of some help. It was started by an Army wife in Georgia who I've actually had the privilege to meet! She has so much helpful information on this site, and a message board where you can communicate with other wives and family members going through the same things you are right now. Here's the link:
There are other groups out there as well that I can tell you about, or you can do a Google search to see what you can find. I also picked up from your blog that you're LDS--we are too! So if you ever want to email me about anything at all, please don't hesitate! Oh, and you know how the Army has all those acronyms?! Like MOS, TDY, PCS, BCT, AIT, etc.?!! Well, you have one now too!! PAW! Proud Army Wife! (Mine is PAM--Proud Army Mom!)
Hugs and best wishes!
2-25 SBCT, Hawaii
Currently in Iraq
shm at big planet dot com
PS--Be careful about posting travel dates for your soldier. It's for security reasons and falls under OPSEC--Operational Security...

Shauna said...

I goofed on my email and put a space where there is no space. Just translate this into email "lingo" (ie @ for at; and . for dot) and don't leave any spaces, and it should be *all good*!: shm at bigplanet dot com

Shauna said...

It's me again! Sorry--don't mean to hog your comments section for today, but this girl's blog also showed up in my Google Alerts this morning too. She too is a new Army wife, and they're stationed in Germany. Here's the link:


BryceandWhit said...

Thanks so much!!! I have noticed that our army family is just as strong as our LDS family and i love it!!!! I will email you so you have our email so we can keep in contact... Have a great day