Monday, January 5, 2009


So today Bryce got his official day of when he is leaving for Boot Camp Jan. 20th, 2009. He is so excited and I'm excited that he is doing what he wants to do. I'm going to miss him dearly cause its for 4 months straight...EWWW But in the long run it will be great for his future and for the future of our family....His boot camp alone is 9 weeks and then he will do individual training and that's another 7 weeks. I'm proud of what he is going to do for our country and for every ones freedom. I never thought i would be a military wife but hey i guess heavenly father has other plans for me. Maybe to pop out kids and be a great mother who knows. HAHA. Well just wanted to keep everyone updated and i will let you know when he leaves.


TheNobles said...

YEa, I am so glad he is getting to follow something he wants to do. He has never been a quitter. (unless it was in a game of butt's up but who could blame him 2 future pitchers we played against) Good job and keep us posted. Military wife ain't all bad. Now, when are you gonna have some babies so my kids got cousins to play with.

Zonnie said...

We are SO EXCITED for you guys!! That is great! Once you pass the 1/2 way mark those 4 months will fly by! Keep us updated!! We are so proud of you two!

The Staleys said...

I hear by the grapevine that Texas may be one of the training destinations. Way cool maybe we will get to visit with you - especially if it's Fort Hood - very close to us.