Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun baby gender predictions...

So Bryces cousin asked if I have looked on the Chinese Lunar Calender to see what I was having... I didnt even know what it was so she just asked my age and the month I conceived in... Well it said a BOY! I dont trust these at all but atleast their fun! I really want a boy but would be happy with either... Then there was this old wives tail that if you take a string and needle and dangle it above your tummy or your left wrist it will go in a circle (which is a girl) or side to side (which means a boy)and that way tells you the gender of your baby... Well that one also said it was a boy... So we will just see in January and Febuary if these ancient crazy gender predictions are right...

Have any of you done these gender predictions? Were they right?


Lacey said...

I am a new follower of your blog!!
I havent had a baby, so i have never attempted a prediction...but my sister went to a card reader last year in manitou colorado and the lady actually had the sex of the baby perfect along with what it would look like. It was crazy cause my sister looks nothing like the baby so it wasnt generalized!