Friday, August 6, 2010

Guns, RPG's and Fire fights OH MY!

About 5 weeks ago Bryce and some from his company got asked to help pull security with a infantry unit. I was a little worried cause my baby didn't sign up to be 11B but I knew he would be safe. The only thing that Bryce was worried about was the fact that this convoy could take up to 30 hours. (Lets just say 30 hours in the turret would suck!) So on their way to their destination they had nothing happen til they were half way there and one of the m-raps right in front of Bryce's got hit with a IED. No one got badly hurt just some stitches and a concussion.

But then literally 2 miles down the road they were going threw a little village and received fire from the hills. Bryce started shooting back and his 50 cal jammed up, couldn't find his 249 so grabbed his drivers M4 shot all his rounds and then finally found his 249 and kept on shooting.

Then on their way back they had in countered 3 more fire fights including motors and RPG's.

Bryce called me that night when he got back and told me everything. I know this may be weird for most but I'm the wife that likes to know what kind of danger is surrounding my husband. If anything happens I know what kind of danger he was in. Alot of his buddies don't understand cause they keep 100% from their wives. But that is just the kind of relationship that we have. We keep all doors of communication open.

When he was telling me everything that happened I told him I was proud of him. That took him back for a minute. I told him if he didn't shoot back then they would have had better shots at his buddies. I was proud that he didn't freak under pressure.

When they pulled into the FOB. Hubby got out and looked at the m-rap and there was bullet holes all over the m-rap except around the turret. He said the closest one was like a foot away.

I can sit here and talk about this cause I know my husband is being watched over. I pray every night for his safety and my heart is softened with every prayer. I have faith in our Heavenly Father. That he has a plan for everyone.

Bryce is so close to coming home for R&R and we are going to be sealed for time and eternity. I know that if anything happens to him he will be waiting for me. He is the love of my life and I know that if anything happens we can get threw it. He is a very strong man to be doing what he is doing and I am so proud to be the one he choose to be by his side.