Thursday, April 15, 2010

58 days....

Little Pic from BCT Graduation

It has been officially 58 days since my best friend has been in The STAN....He is doing great...He has lost a total of 40 Pounds since he has been gone...I'm so proud of him...He has been on 6 convoys and he loves going on those things...He says it makes the days go by faster...A little story from his last convoy...
He was starting to get a cold so he bought some Nightquil(SP)and he took it and then went and ate dinner so it would kick in and as soon as he got back to the tent he could go right to sleep...Well after dinner it still didn't kick in 100% so he started watching Step Brothers on his psp with head phones on...Well lets just say my hubby has the cutest laugh that when he laughs you bust out laughing...Its contagious! Well you know that really tired feeling and drunk feeling at the same time when you take that dang medicine and you try to stay up a little longer??? Well lets just say that movie was making my husband laugh on parts that you normally wouldn't... And when Bryce woke up the next morning a Sgt that he loves came up to him and said what were you watching last night??? Bryce answer with Step brothers...Sgt says that's a funny movie but not that funny... Then Bryce had to explain that he took medicine and lets just say he felt a little loopy in the head so anything and everything was funny...Then Sgt said that the whole tent was laughing every time Bryce would laugh...Him telling me stories like that makes me miss him even more...

-His laugh that is so funny and unique I can just hear it
-Him laying his head on my lap when its Saturday morning and both of us still not ready to wake up
-Him driving everywhere
-Our late night talks when we should be sleeping
-Him wrapping his arms around me and giving the best hugs ever
-Him twirling me around the dance floor
-His smell...I can spray is cologne on my army teddy bear but it still doesn't smell exactly like him
-Him spooning me when we sleep...I have to have a pillow behind me but its still not even close...
-His cooking
-Him choosing the big couch over his chair so I can sit right next to him
-His hand holding mine
-Him always wanting to wrestle with me...I always tap within the first couple of minutes
-Him rubbing my back

Boy Do I miss him...