Wednesday, March 24, 2010

30 Day Shred!!!!

Wow if you want a exercise video that kicks your butt get 30 day Shred by Jiillian Micheals....First day and my legs are already sore!!! And I fill like I have A.D.D cause you are down on the floor and then up on your feet, down on the floor and then up on your feet ext....But I'm glad it kicked my butt I needed that...I feel like I need to take a nap...haha fat chance. I still need to clean my room and get my cloths hung up cause I'm living out of a suit case still...I know I know I have been home for 5 weeks and still living out of a suit case!?! I just don't fill like putting things away cause it seems so permanent and lets just say I don't want it to be permanent without my hubby!!!!

On the subject of him, he is doing really good...Going on convoys and staying busy... I sent his surprise package to him yesterday so it should get there in 8-10 days hopefully closer to the 8 day mark:) Lets just say he better love it...I'm pretty sure he will. He loves to play things and that's my only hint!!!

Yesterday was a really bad day for me....I was listening to the radio and the worst song came on... I'm already home by Tim Mcgraw...Lets just say that is one song that should not come on when your husband is over in Afghanistan...And right as soon as the song came on the tears just started...I was like holly crap give me a freakin break...Then the day just stayed bad...i was thinking of him constantly and would just start crying...I miss my best friend...I cant wait for him to put his arms around me and just hold me and never let go (well atleast for 15 days)...

Sorry to leave on a sad note...Pics of my baby to come soon!!!